A little about me.


I’ve been in business for almost 10 years and currently specialize in High School Senior Portraits for girls. I really enjoy working with teenagers and watching their confidence grow through this experience. I am a hardworking individual in everything that I do. I provide only the highest quality images, prints and products for my clients. I have learned my camera inside and out and shoot everything in manual. I use light to help bring out the beauty in my seniors. My style is bright, colorful, clean and beautiful. I use professional software to gently enhance and polish the images. My gear consists of a Nikon D750, and several prime lenses that I use to capture beauty. My work has been featured in several magazine publications over the years including Seattle Magazine. Even though I take my job seriously, I do manage to have fun along the way. I love my clients dearly and really enjoy developing a friendship with them over time. 


I can’t express in words how much of a goofball I am. If my seniors aren’t laughing or smiling enough at the session, I usually have to break out in song or dance. We always have a good time!  I’d love to hear about your senior year (or your daughter’s) and how you have life all planned out. I want to know what activities you do and what your passions are. When it comes to your senior portraits, I want you to have a positive and great experience. Of course I will give you pretty senior pictures! It is much more than that for my clients. I truly care about my clients and really want the best for them. I love to see my seniors succeed and do great things. I love to check in from time to time to see how life is and where they’re at. I am so blessed and thankful to meet all those who come into my life through photography.