Frequently Asked Questions

When is my session fee due?

The session fee is due when you book your session to hold your date. It is accepted over the phone, paypal, or mail.


What time do I arrive for my session? 

Once your hair and makeup application is finished, you will head out to the location address that we previously discussed.
I usually try to time it so that you go straight from makeup to the session. In some circumstances you’ll need to do hair and makeup earlier with a small break before the photo shoot. It usually depends on my makeup artist’s schedule. 


How many outfits can I wear?

For the 1 hour session, we have time for 2 outfits.  For the 2 hour session we have time for 4 outfits. Bring a variety of outfits, accessories, shoes, and jewelry so that we can style you for your location.  It's always better to bring a little more than a little less!


What about accessories?

Accessories add that special touch to your photos. They can make an outfit go from bland to beautiful and interesting. Bring jewelry, belts, scarves, hats, cute boots, or anything else that you think would be a good addition. I hear often that “I am not an accessory type of person”.  Sometimes simple is not always better. The location backgrounds can be very plain and adding accessories can help keep your look fun and stylish! Pinterest is a great place for inspiration!


Can I bring my mom or friend?

Absolutely! However, I recommend bringing only one additional person so it doesn't get too distracting.  Some seniors get very shy and aren’t able to be natural when they are being watched by a friend/family member. If this is the case, then I’d recommend coming a lone, having your friend/family member run an errand, or hang out around the corner.


 Is there a minimum print order?

Yes, there is a minimum order requirement of $1,000 due at the time of ordering photos. This does not include tax. We will have your in person ordering appointment at my office in Rocklin. This also does not include the session fee. The session fee covers my time plus the cost of a professional hair and makeup artist. There are no photos or products included in the session fee.


What happens at the in-person ordering session?

I will present to you 30-50 gorgeous images from your photo session. You will be able to OHH and AHH over them all. I will show you all the products I offer, help you choose and order your images, and even custom design any products that you purchase. I am there to help
guide you through the ordering process and make your experience fun and easy. At the end of the ordering session, you will complete and pay for your final order in person. 


What forms of payment do you accept? Do you offer payment plans?

I accept cash, check and credit cards. I do offer monthly payment plans. The total balance must be paid in full before any products are ordered. 


Can I purchase the high resolution digital files from my session?

Yes you can. Each high resolution digital file is $150 and it comes with a print release so you can print it on your own. I also include recommendations on the best quality places to print. These files are yours to keep forever, to print as many as you want, whenever you want. If you want to print anything on your own such as 5x7's, 8x10's etc, you'll need to purchase a high res digital file to do so. 


What are the difference between web images and high resolution digital files?

The web/social media images are a watermarked low resolution image that you have permission to share on facebook, instagram or by email. Due to copyright, you do not have permission to print these files. They are for sharing on social media platforms and phones and home computers only. If you need an image for the yearbook ad, your own graduation announcement, or any kind of printed source, you will need to purchase the high resolution file(s).


When will my order be ready?

Orders generally take 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year and what you order. Orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS.